What We Do

In today’s competitive public policy environment, even the best causes find it hard to achieve the results they want. AdvocacySmiths provides high-touch, customized support that helps nonprofits and others set smart strategic plans, build capable organizations, enhance partnerships, and develop strong leaders.

Strategic Planning

Many groups espouse the benefits of strategic planning, but few do it well. Others dive into an issue campaign with scattershot tactics that miss their targets.  AdvocacySmiths understands that changing public policy requires clear goals, consistent priorities, and a path forward. We create and implement thoughtful strategic plans that pave the way for our clients’ future accomplishments. 

Building Organizational Capacity                                        

Successful advocacy campaigns draw on a range of talents and tactics, but sometimes aspirations outmatch capacity. AdvocacySmiths’ first-hand experience in building a first-class nationwide advocacy organization helps our clients leverage their assets, invest in new resources, and manage growth to position them to wage and win tough issue campaigns.

Grassroots Development and Training

The most successful advocacy organizations have a strong corps of committed, engaged and well-trained volunteers. AdvocacySmiths has the expertise to help non-profits develop tools to attract, empower and deploy volunteer advocates. We counsel organizations on how best to manage and staff volunteers and what the best structure is for maximizing their role in campaigns. Elements required to build a highly effective grassroots network include strong staff support, clear strategy, regular and meaningful engagement opportunities, and volunteer training. We help organizations not only review their current capacity but also help them identify and build the essential components of a robust and effective grassroots force.

Coalition Formation and Management

Groups that join together to advance common interests stand a better chance of being heard. At the same time, coalitions are tricky to start and tough to manage. AdvocacySmiths doesn’t just form, facilitate, and manage effective coalitions for our clients, we move them forward. We draw on our expertise to ensure strategy is seamlessly woven into the process, taking coalition support to a higher level that delivers tangible policy change.

Leadership Development

Strong and thoughtful leadership is critical to building and maintaining effective advocacy programs, but sometimes day-to-day details make it hard to think about broader goals. AdvocacySmiths discreetly counsels top managers so they can better navigate daily challenges while still focusing on long-term strategy. We help leaders grow alongside their organization and support them in achieving their professional goals.